Jesus Did It All

This is not only an Easter story. it is a resurrection life story.

John 10 verse 18 – Death is Defeated

“No one takes (my life) from me (Jesus), but I (Jesus) lay it down of My (Jesus) own accord. I (Jesus) have authority to lay it down and take it up again.”

It is hard to imagine the anguish felt by the women who went to Jesus’ tomb on Sunday morning and found the body gone.

The impossible had happened just as Jesus had said it would.

Luke 24 verse 7 (Jesus) Saying the son of man (Jesus) must be betrayed into hands of sinful men, crucified and rise on the third day.

Luke 24 verse 8 “And they remembered these words.”

The tomb could not hold Him He had risen from the dead.


The price is paid in full.

Come to the cross and leave all the things that would hold you back.

Accept the new life now offered to us through Our resurrected Lord and Friend

Christ the Lord has risen

Take this message to the world around you.

Christ the Lord has risen indeed

Death could not hold him down, and we can have new life in Him

God Bless.


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