The Blame Game


We live in a society, where it has become acceptable to blame someone else for the mistakes, we make in life.

Even to the point someone might say, ‘the devil made me do it’. The old loser {the devil}, can’t make us do anything, he is only a created being like us, whose pride and rebellion took him out of the services of God. He was one of the arch-angels Lucifer, along with Michael and Gabrielle, and the pride of self-importance, led to his downfall. Ever since he has been trying to use his limited influence, to destroy every-bodies else life too.

But the Truth, is Truth, He can’t walk in Truth, so if we are walking in the Truth of God’s Word, he can’t annoy us. Being annoying is about all he can do, he has No power, accept the power we allow him to have in our lives.

If we loo into the Book of Ezekiel, we find where Ezekiel explains human responsibility before God. {Ezekiel 33 verse 10 to 20}. The younger people of the day blamed, to older generation, for what had happened before to their nation. Ezekiel had made it clear that God doesn’t punish children for the sins of their parents.  Each person is accountable for his or her own sins, and shouldn’t blame someone else.

The word ‘Sorry’ has become hard to say, but we must correctly distinguish, regret, remorse, and true repentance {truly saying sorry}.

Regret for doing something wrong, is virtually saying, ‘Why did I do that’, and explaining it away as a misjudgement, and not really acknowledging it is a ‘willful decision’, and we are truly sorry, we did wrong.

Remorse includes both the heart and the mind, and we feel disgusted and pain, but we don’t change our ways.

True Repentance, includes the mind, the heart and the will. and we are willing to change our ways.

We need to change our minds about our sins {wrong-doings} and agree with what God’s Word says about them. We are to abhor, what we have done, and deliberately turn from our wrong-doings and turn to The Lord for Mercy.

1 John 1 Verse 9: “ If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”.

Sin { wrong-doing} is missing the mark, missing the goodness of life Our Lord and Our Friend has for us. Jeremiah 29 verse 11;

Our Lord and Our Friend has plans for all our lives, and we should be willing to entrust our lives into all He has for us. To entrust our lives, involves genuine repentance that we have missed ‘the mark’, of His purpose for creation.

Through enuine repentance, we become a sinner saved by Grace, but we remain capable of sin {wrong-doing}. Our Lord and Our Friend knows this, and He is always there to help. Hebrews 13 verse 5:

Our Lord and Our Friend, is not looking for excuses as why we allow ourselves sometimes to miss ‘the mark’ of His high calling. He is looking for a genuine heart who knows they have ‘missed the mark’, and are truly sorry for it.

With genuine repentance comes Divine forgiveness, which is great clarity of Our Awesome God, and the wonderful purposes He has for all our lives.

God Bless.



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