Weekend Inspiration ‘Holy And Blessed Christmas To All’



So many spices and ingredients are mixed, like the people of the world who mix and bake the annual yearly Christmas cake. The variety, the sizes, the flavors, the essences and the methods, are a multi-task of representing a time of year where talent and taste are judged on all competing bakers. Out comes the bowl, the creased papers of familiar written by hand recipes, usually from traditional and ancient sources. The ingredients stand by, the tins are well greased and the wooden spoon begins the process until all ingredients are swallowed bit by bit until the last liquid balances the aromatic mixture overnight. Of course there are other methods depending on which country you live in just as there are methods from different cultures of every land. Many nations do not share or believe in Christmas and therefore abstain from the Christmas celebrations. Just as every Christmas cake varies so do the people of the Christian faith and we, as the ingredients of the followers of Jesus, must be accepting and tolerant of opposing cultures. Why? Because of the written command, ‘LOVE ONE ANOTHER!’

It is in the offering of love to an alien culture that we can partake of and share the differences in one another. It is in the loving approach to others who live such different lives that we might represent the acceptance and openness from our faith to share God’s light. We need to sift the ingredients of respect and essences to other cultures and their beliefs, to open a door to shared customs in Christian caring tolerance. We celebrate Christmas at his birth but do we tolerate connections to non-followers in trust and with love? After all, our Lord died, bled and rose again for ALL! Think about it.


Be Blessed


Christmas time is a time of great love and joy, share it with all those you meet and particularly those closest to you. It is also a time for refreshing.

We are having a short break. over this Christmas, new year period. We will be back in the New year, to share and encourage with messages of God’s love for us.

Our writings are not only to encourage all who read them, but to encourage us at the ministry as we delve deeper in to His word.

Have a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas

From all of us at Our Lord and Our Friend Ministries.

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