Passionate About Wrong Purpposes


Saul, who became Paul, and went on to become the great Apostle Paul, thought he had a job to stop the spread of a new faith. As one of the lead persecutors of the early church, Saul was passionate, but he was passionately wrong.

We can be passionate for many causes, but are those causes going to bring Glory to Our Lord and Our Friend.

Saul in his great love for his beliefs, and his great love of God’s truth, he had missed God. But God saw Saul’s heart and wouldn’t let him stay in the dark. So he introduced himself in a way that Saul could not possibly deny Who He was.

The misplaced passion that Saul had, God turned into a passion, where The Spirit told him to go and told about Our Lord and Our Friend all over the known world. As ‘the Apostle to the Gentiles’ Romans 11 verse 13. Saul had become better known by his Roman name Paul.

God is very zealous for His people. It is God’s zeal, His passion, that led Him to send His Son { another great study Isaiah 9 verse 7. God saw and found a zealous kindred spirit in Saul.

God would use several sparks to set the world on fire with His great love, and one of them was Saul.

God eventually use a person, with wrongly directed passion, into the world with a new passion for Him. God can use our passion to, as long as it is directed to chase after people, and tell them of God’s great love for them.

Our life and our purposes, should be used to bring Glory to Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.


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