Faith In Action ‘Pattern For Our Relationships’


Our Lord and Our Friend has a very simple pattern for our relationships.

First we relate to Him. with trust and reverence.

Adam and Eve related to God in the Garden of Eden, until they disobeyed what seemed to be simple instructions, not to eat of the fruit of a tree. Then they hid from God. Hiding from an Omnipresent and Omniscience God, what did they think they were doing.

He knows where we are at all times, we either have a relationship with Him in trust and reverence, or we are trying to hid ourselves away. Not believing in Him, doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist, to only thing not believing in God does, is cause us to miss, His Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness and Blessing.

When we find ourselves in a trusted loving relationship, we will find everything, in our lives is better for it. So in the trust, loving relationship with Our Lord and Our Friend, our relationship with other people will be transformed too.

God pattern is very simple–first we relate to Him, then to others and we ourselves come last.

God is calling us to a self-less relationship with Him and others. God’s patter is first to Him, by asking Him to forgive us our sins {the things He told us not to do, eg; Adam and eve eating the fruit}

The moment we come to Him, and confess the things in our lives, that He never created us to do, we have acceptance and assurance and relationship with Him.

At that moment He Invade us , by His Love, which causes our heart to respond to Him

Our relationship with others will be transformed, more and more as we learn to understand, how to walk with Our Lord and Our Friend more and more.

God’s plan is simple, He wants to be first in our lives, so He can allow us to use all He has for us, in our relationship with others.

God Bless..


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