The Passage Of Timing



The Bible, on the whole, contains contrasts of conflict, confrontation and it is apparent that he has two ways of dealing with his people.  It seems to me, God will intervene to impact lives, after letting them do it their way over a long period of time.

Noah waited, Moses reluctantly and the desert inhabitants despondently.  Job lost all his former life and Paul suffered for years.
Then, our God steps in to reverse their doubting neglect of his wise ways.  He pulls the people into line from wrong ways of thinking with disciplined, compassionate, forgiving care.  Although his methods were/are harsh there is no ‘time out’ with God.

When, in life, we and our kin live in sin, he begins a peeling under our skin until we let Jesus win!  The Lord continually gathers and refines us but in his justice and mercy we are humbled.
In Proverbs 23 –verse 23 we read. ‘Buy the truth and do not sell it, get wisdom, discipline and understanding.’  The Lord is so patiently generous with granting us time to process our ways before submitting to his ways in a spiritual relationship. ‘Give careful thought to your ways.’ (Haggai 1/7).
Zechariah, chapter eight, (verse sixteen) says, ‘Do things you are to do.  Speak the truth to each other and render true and sound judgement in your courts. (Verse 17) – ‘Do not plot evil against your neighbor and do not love to swear falsely,’ I hate all this.’ (Verse 19)……..Therefore love truth and peace.

Above all, give careful thought to your ways, your God is keeping watch.  There is no half-measure in his timing for your life and salvation.

Be Blessed.


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