Not Just A Bible Character ‘Michael’

You might be surprised that the name  Michael is used in the context of people of faith, because the most famous Michael in the Bible is Michael the Archangel, referred to in Daniel 10 v13; Daniel 12 v 1.

The name Michael means “Who is like God?” and is used of 10 men in Scripture as well as the Archangel Michael.

Well in my readings for resource material lately, I myself was surprised how many times I came across the name Michael.

1.In my studies on Caleb {People of faith} one of the spies sent out to survey the promised land , I came across one of the other spies, named Sethur who was from the tribe of Asher, and his fathers name was Michael. This Michael was noted for a father of a leader, because Sethur was a leader in Israel.

2. and 3. Then in my studies before my article on the bull and cows of Bashan, I found in 1 Chronicles 5 verse 13 and 14 two Michaels. They were named among the people who settled in the land of Bashan.

Then when reading the life of David from which I gleaned, Faith in Action King David thanksgiving, the name Michael came up again. So here are a few more Michaels.

4.  Michael a forefather of Asaph, a Temple singer in the days of David. {1 Chronicles 6 v40}

5.  Michael, A chief man of Issachar in the Temple lists.{1 Chronicles 7 v 3}.

6. Michael a Benjaminite name in the Temple lists. {1 Chronicles 8 v 16}

7. Michael, A man of Manasseh who joined David in Ziklag when David was fleeing from Saul, {1 Chronicles  12 v 20}

8.Michael, Father of Omri, a top political officer in the Days of David. {1 Chronicles 27 v 18}

9. Michael, Son of King Jehoshaphat {2 Chronicles 21 v 2}

10. Michael, Father of Zebadiah, an exile returnee with Ezra {Ezra 8 v 8}.

So the name Michael speaks of some great men of Faith from the Bible. Which leaves me with one more, Michael aka The Kid who is My Trusted Friend and Faithful man of God, who is a big part of potting together

God bless

O F J.

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