Weekend Inspiration

Our dear friend of the ministry Lorraine has not been well lately, and we have missed her articles. Lorraine is in our prayers and we she will be on her best again soon. Here is a repeat of one of Lorraine great Poems, as our weekend inspiration

Hello my Lord, it is almost sunrise and I praise you

for this day and your blessings for which I thank you,

I’ll be back in a minute after I put the washing on

as it will be good drying day for many chores

on me today will fall upon,

oh, excuse me God, I must just put last night’s dishes away,

Me, again Jesus — thanks for your patience, hear my prayers

this early day.

That reminds me, I must buy a card for my dad

and sox for James plus eggs and flour to be had.

Give me patience, love and joy from your heart to ours,

show me how to not waste the hours before I have a shower

Forgive the haste, with which I pray yo today,

so much more I want to  say

but I seem to have so much to do,

family, school, work, a list to pursue,

Friends who need coffee or tea or just a talk,

Lord, I do try so hard with you to walk,

I need You in my life

to ease my strife,

to feel you close to me.

Oh no, I forgot to make lunch you see,

I won’t be long, will wrap up just three,

Here I am again, where was I  then?

Dare I ask you for tomorrow to pray with you again?

to hear my words like faltering rain.

It is with shame i heard You not and the sun is up and rise I must.

You are so patient with me and my lot, off I  go

to add more grocery list, milk, tea and so.

It took longer, as wrote down more,

I feel so bad interrupting our time, my heart is sore,

Forgive me please for neglecting this time,

my mind so restless it feels so like a crime.

Here I am though, seated before your throne.

No, no, please not the darn phone,

You are My God and my source of peace

but today it seems I avoid and cease.

Tomorrow, I promise to commit to ‘us’,

to push away all this fuss,

this busyness to you I will trust,

your silence tells me I must.

Humbly, I leave and love you,

our communion I miss so true,

forgiveness I beg much of you.

Tomorrow, I will be there with you,

as you are always for thee and thine.

My sorrow is great as I leave your presence,

time in prayer with You is life’s essence.

Lorraine Szabo C 2015

God Bless.


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