Scripture Verse Of The Week

Philippians 2 Verses 3 and 4: “Do nothing out of rivalry or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than yourself.”

Being self indulgent never wins. It really makes us irritable. Doing things for others even the simplest things can bring about great  satisfaction.

A life lived for others is freeing. when you lift others around you. your heart is lifted with them. when you meet somebody in their time of need you are blessed.

Whenever you see serving a friend as an honor, your own self-esteem grows more deeply.

This is how Our Lord and Our Friend showed us how to live, He gave His life for us, and anyone who would come and follow John 3 Verse 16,

He did not boast or envy, He forgives us if we confess we have done wrong and He is ever present with us,

Let us all be people that share even a fraction of His love in what ever we do on a daily basis,

God Bless.


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