Faith Action ‘Purpose And Destiny’

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We are born into life with a destiny and a purpose, none of us are just accidents to Him.

We are born by design of  a loving God, but when we were born, we are bound by the curse of sin {wrongdoings against Our Creator}. We are born into a fallen world, that had fallen from close relationship, we were born to have with Our Creator.

At this point in time, I expect all the evolutionists have stopped reading, because their way of thinking has been dismissed.

I suggest they read on and put on their thinking caps, and examine that we couldn’t have come from a big bang. There are so many things to question with that way of thinking which this site is not about.

We are created, we all have a creativeness in us, we all have the capacity to think, to learn, to love, to care, to chose and most importantly the capacity to commune with Our Creator.

If we turn and look at Ecclesiastes 3 verse 14, it seems to suggest that nothing people do really does matter.  Ultimately, God’s will is going to be done, and if nothing can be added, or taken away from His work, then why should we attempt to do anything? Why not just wait for God to do everything? That perspective forgets what Jesus said on the cross, “It is Finished”.

God has now chosen to do things, through his creations, who accept His redemptive work of the cross. Those who come to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savor, become agents of God’s power and purposes. We are not just puppets who mindlessly jump to His commands. God calls us to an intimate partnership with Him {Corinthians 1 verse 5 to 7 }

Given this reality, we can now read Ecclesiastes 3 verse 14, as an invitation for us to link our goals, our dreams, and our skills to God’s great design.

The sky is the limit or the visual limit we can see, when we have Our Creator God Our Lord and Our Friend to be our mentor, our guide and our source of Real Life.

He loves you and He created you for a destiny.

God Bless.

O F J.

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