Excitement From Obadiah


Obadiah, the shortest Old Testament boo, one long chapter, and most likely the earliest of the prophetic books, it shows a dramatic example of God’s response to anyone who would harm His chosen people.

Don’t be frustrated if your enemies gloat.

We all have circumstances where it has just all gone wrong. The circumstance might not have been of our own doing, but others have had a laugh at our expense.Sometimes things do happen through our wrong doings though.

Other people make you feel rather small,as if they are above everything and don’t do anything wrong.

That was the situation in Obadiah. Judah had been attached and destroyed. Edom was gloating. Edom was a country between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqabah. The people were descendents of Esau, Jacobs brother who was tricked out of his birthright. Edom was also called Esau after it founder.

The situation would be turned around, Obadiah promises Judah will be restored and Edom would be destroyed.

There are two theories when Obadiah worked either making him a contemporary of Elisha around 850 BC or 587 BC making Obadiah a contemporary of Jeremiah. What ever the time, Obadiah was saying that God will one day make Judah {and even OUR} opponents laugh on the other side of their faces.

Even though we may trust God this doesn’t seem to satisfy the immediate desire for revenge. This is the standard message of the Biblical prophets who have come to grips with the thought God’s time frame is different from their and ours.

God always hears our cries and see our enemies making fun of us. Even in terrible times, God {Our Lord and Our Friend} does not abandon us.

God forgives, restores and promises that those who gloat now will mourn later.

Judah had often deserved to be attached, but Our God never gains happiness, when we are attached by letting our guard down., but weeps silently with His people then as He does with believers today.

Obadiah denounces Edom, but he was not the only prophet to denounce them there was also Jeremiah 9 verse 7 to 22, Ezekiel 25 verses12 to 14 . Joel 3 verse 19 and Amos 9 verse 11 and 12.

God’s people are never alone even though sometimes it might seem we are down for the count.

What can be known from Obadiah, is on a positive and personal note, if we are children of God through Christ Jesus, you are under His Love and Protection. Nothing will befall us that isn’t under God’s directive hand. Ultimately judgement will fall open all who harm His adopted children, we who believe and put our trust in Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Our Friend.

The Bible is full of Hope. Repentance is the Key, God {Our Lord and Our Friend} will restore and His love NEVER fails.

God bless


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