Weekend Inspiration


Once again we want to thank our good friend of the ministry, Lorraine, for being able to use one of the many inspiring  poems she has written.  We trust much inspiration can be drawn from it, so enjoy, ‘The Other Commandment’.

The Other Commandment

An eleventh commandment seems missing to me,

‘All passing events ordained in life, are timed by Me’, says God.

Like unleavened daily bread his provision is given freely to thee,

but our times are granted by His encounters, so He plots and we plod,

as we do on earth, tilling the grounding and groaning of our human soul,

across desolate deserts, we endure and explore beyond belief,

While praying for answers, fretfully we call for times to become whole.

Yet God lingered, guided and provided for His people, a time so long,

forty years he did so, keeping them in a solitary role of despair without entry to

the promised land, in need of clothing, food, mended shoes in heat so strong.

Children born but aged ones died in lack of hope, unfulfilled, no sight of, nor clue.

God’s timing is a holiness trail in trust, as suffering we reach for His hand,

in be-wilderness we understand not through the wilderness of His times,

nor even of our time will He reveal His purposes divine sifted as grains of sand

of what He requires of us not even as we try to cross the lines.

His unfolding of life from breath to last has no time limit.

Only the one that God is creating just for you in the sorrow going through,

So to focus we must on joy, hope and faith with awe

As He holds open for us Heaven’s door, we remember that long ago promised land,

As He withheld from His folk until rewards blessed of more,

Deep patience we must bear, to wear and wait

on His timing no matter how long it will take.

Torn apart from the cross His death did cost.

Sometimes in life our hearts fill with pain and strife.

Believe and know this too will pass in His Holy Spirit time not lost.

Lord, I plead, not as long as the wilderness price

I need, in your will, take my plan span and guide my life even if time stills,

With faith I stand beside you to hear my prayers and so fulfill.

Be it in your time as commandment eleven, forgotten, stay as your will at whatever cost.

Lorraine Szabo c.

Be Blessed Today and Everyday,

From Your Friends at mylordmyfreind.com

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