Living Easter

easter 4

An After Easter Reflection

The grief relived this Easter of many deaths as Christians knelt to honor the Son of God, our Jesus, has affected us all throughout the world and signifies how little control we have. So many families torn apart, in death’s grief and loss, with no defenses, no warnings, leaving acute disbelief and their lives devastated. Who cannot feel distress and seeking answers from their hearts? What price the pain of loss is being paid and for what?

In Nahum (his name means comfort) Chapter 1 Verse 3:

“The Lord is slow to anger and GREAT in power, the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm and clouds are the dust of his feet”.

Note “He is great in power (controls all of nature) and the guilty will be punished. This will not comfort the suffering of victims this Easter and yet we have a trust that He is in control and we need to acknowledge and trust that God is in control. The bleeding of Jesus on the cross is a promise of love and is a witness to his rising again and the power of the cross that offers, reconciliation and healing and a spirit of forgiveness and yet the sacrifice Jesus made for all will be brought forth in his anger for the needless killing of his people and his mercy will be evident on those who have experienced the horror of these cruel acts of hatred and terror that brings fear and mourning. That is not God’s way and he will reveal compassion and love from those who had no part in the recent chaos delivered to two countries of peace. The guilty will not receive mercy nor escape judgement, for the Lord is great in power and love.



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