As human beings, we are quick to judge and condemn at times.Christians can fall  into  the  trap  of  judging  a  person  or a situation  without knowing  the  truth.  This  causes  conflict  and  a  separation  of  trust.    Even avoidance arises.  I was married very young,to a refugee from Europe.  Some elderly Aunts advised us they were not giving us very much as a monetary gift because  the  marriage  would  not  last.   After  my  second  miscarriage we  were advised  by  similar  relatives it  was perhaps because my husband was  a foreigner.  In  fact, it  was  a medical  problem  of  an incompatible blood type group. Later we were parents of four healthy babies and married for forty-five years.  However, these rumors were hurtful to a young couple starting out in life.

Often when members of our church are going through difficult times, some of  us  rush  in  too  soon  to advise, assist  and  solve  but  only  add  to  the  distress being  experienced.  The  sufferers  may  wish  to  be  alone  for  a  while  to just review,  to rest  and  re-assess.   When quietly offering our  love  and  prayerful support  we  may  need  to  step  back  but to let them  know  you  will  be  by  their side when and if you are needed.By all means uplift with constant prayer, tell them  you  are  just  at  the  end  of  a  phone  if  needed.    We  all  react  in  different ways to a crisis but a constant battering of contact may not be what is wanted or  invited.  Be caring,  listen, love,be  sensitive,  offer  help  where  needed  but above all don’t be intrusive.  Sometimes one has to let go and let God.

Our daughter  became  pregnant  and  at  seventeen and  chose not  to marry .A  few Church  friends  spoke out  their disapproval  and  indicated  our parenting needed monitoring.  Others went into prayer along with gifts for the impending  birth  and  drew  alongside  us  with  loving  support. We  threw out feelings of guilt and  condemnation  and  accepted  the  future  changes  in  our lives. The grandchild enhanced our family with her blessed birth.

Your respect, tact and non-interference, unless by request,are essentials needed in a situation of concern,but above all  is your love, support and your prayers, without condemnation.That can sear the soul and Jesus would weep.

Be Blessed.


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