Grow Glow And Go

glow grow and go

The Apostle Paul who wrote Ephesians knew that his most joyous discovery in his own life was God lived in him. The life the triune God is not something far off in heaven, but is active within one’s very own life.

The Apostle Paul also wrote Colossians, where he wrote Colossians 1 verse 27:

“God wanted to make known to those among the Gentiles the glorious wealth of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of all glory.’

Paul realized we [he had became} His Hands and His feet, we are His representatives to a dying world. One of Paul’s favorite saying was ‘Christ in me’

By this Paul meant, that we can experience everything eternally good, true and wonderful in the universe. I was speaking to a health professional the other day. She know a phrase I like to say, I want quality in life and not quantity, and asked me did I still believe that. To which I replied, but now I realize I have both, the quality of knowing My Lord and My Friend in life, and quantity of life, because I also have eternal life in My Lord and My Friend as well.

These ideals are not so to say ‘pie in the sky’ goals that are always far away. They are sure and certain qualities and quantities of God that we are not only alive in Christ, but He is alive in us.

Paul was writing in Ephesians, is that we find this new life and experience the joy of having it live in us.

Alas many Christians never dare to go quite that far. Instead, we tend to take an easy way out in our religion, keeping everything at arms length.

Alllas again by doing so, we rob ourselves of everything that is unique and wonderful in our faith, having Our Lourd and Our Friend live His life in ours.

God Bless.


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