Faith In Action ‘To Be Transformed’


When we look at the people Jesus called to be disciples their lives were transformed. As we look at Matthew life, his life was transformed and he had a change of name.

Matthew’s experience with the Lord is a beautiful example of the Grace of God. He had a name of Levi son of Alphaeus {mark 2 verse 14}. And his name was changed to Matthew meaning ‘The Gift of God’, to commemorate his conversion and his call to be a disciple.

Matthew opened his heart to Jesus Christ and became a new person.

Matthew not only opened his heart, but he also opened his home. Matthew knew that most , if not all, of his friends would drop him when he began to follow Jesus, so Matthew took advantage of the situation and invited them to meet Jesus.

Of course the religious people of the time, criticized Jesus for going to eat with such a defiled group of people. They even tried to get his disciples to disagree among themselves.

The Lord explained why he was dinning and fellowshipping with tax collectors and other known sinners. “They are spiritually sick and needed a physician. He had not come to call the righteous because no righteous people exist.

Matthew not only opened his heart and house. but he also opened his hands and worked for Christ. Little did this former tax collector realize that the Holy Spirit would one day use him to write the first of four gospels in the New Testament.

When Christ Jesus come into our lives, open up everything we have to Him, for Him to use for His glory. Who knows what may happen if we dare to believe and receive

God Bless.


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