Insights Into ‘1 Timothy’

1 Timothy.jpg

Paul write to Timothy concerning the care of the church in Ephesus. Paul’s true son in faith, is pastoring in the church.

God inspires Paul to write a letter, giving Timothy advice on how to lead and care for the family of believers there.

Ephesus is a culture full of idolatry. One of the seven wonders of the world, was the Temple of Artiemis is in Ephesus.The people converted to Christianity have come out of idol worship, where drunkenness orgies were seen as a form of worship.

False teachers were now coming out, within the church to create new rules, they were teaching marriage and certain foods were not permissible. So Paul reminds Timothy that God is the Creator King, and everything he has created is good.

Paul instructs Timothy to devote himself to study, preaching and teaching the Word. Good advice for all of us to study and proclaim the Word.. This is wonderful advice for there was a diverse age group in the church. God has gifted Timothy to teach and lead, and God will sustain him.

Paul gives Timothy guidelines, for choosing the leadership of the church, advising him to extort other believers, in the church as if they were family. because in God the believers should find, there are things beside money they should chase after.— which include godliness and righteousness. And if they pursue God, they will find, ‘the life that truly is life’ It is the same for anyone today.

Timothy has been called by God, to lead a portion of God’s family. Timothy is to pursue what God has called him to do. As Timothy teaches his flock of believers about God who loves them and provides for them. They like us today, will find what their hearts are looking for.

God the creator designed our hearts to find what they long for in Him.

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