Scripture Verse Of The Week

Psalm 16 verse 1 and 2; {Message Bible}:

“Keep me safe O God, I’ve run for dear life to you. I say to God, ‘Be my Lord!’ without You, nothing makes sense”.

We all like to be kept safe, but this is not a locked up safe, where no one one can get us. This is a safe, where we run to Him, for all He is, we recognize that we don’t have any secure place like this in the world.

There is an understanding in our running to Our God. for Him to embrace us. Good parents make their children appear safe, so the same can be said about Our God.

There is an action involved, a running action, an action of urgency. In a world that appears to be on the run all the time, with the things of God, many are on a meander.

As if we want to do some shopping first, to see if God provides, the best option for us. if we really want to be secure, Our Lord and Our Friend is not just an option, He is the only option where we will find real security.

‘El Shaddai’, God all sufficient. or as some call it, ‘The many breasted God’, The God with a great abundance of heart, full of Mercy and Grace, and supporting the needs of all His children out of His own fullness.

There is no need to browse to see if God is up to our expectation, He is everything we need. John 3 verse 16; {Message Bible} “by believing in Him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life“.

God is asking us to come, to come to Him, in His ‘All-sufficiency’, He will do more than keep us safe, He will give us eternal life, and help us to fulfill the destiny He created us for. Jeremiah 29 verse 11;

Perhaps circumstances, of life have us on the run, well there is a sure and safe place to run to, the Arms of a Loving God. Nothing else will make sense, after giving, all we are to Him

God Bless,


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