Excitement From The Book Of Genesis


Mostly went we think of Genesis, we only think of the creation story. Without the creation story there would be none of us and nothing to tell. Genesis also gives us an ongoing summary of life, the lives of people, not as God intended us and them to live. Adam and Eve’s rebellion in the garden changed everything.

So we have the Fall and the Falls aftermath. The Consequences, of disobeying a simple instruction. The disobeying, was a lack of Trust, in The Loving God that created them, so lack of trust led to losing a wonderful place Our Loving God, had made for His creation to dwell in. A place where He walk with His creation in the garden.

We where all created for fellowship, with Our loving Creator.

Chapters 3 to 5: We read about the Fall and Its Consequences the Aftermath.

The perfection of God’s creation was disrupted by bad choices, and lack of trust and not understanding the loving instructions of a Loving Creator. The instructions were there for there benefit and not because something was being held back. When they gave into this sort of temptation, which is referred to as the “fall’, they damaged their relationship, with God, are driven from the wonderful Garden, and must live outside the original blessing God had for them.

Even after these consequences for their actions and even in the midst of this calamity, Our Loving God is already setting in to motion His wonderful long-term plan to bring us all back into intimate relationship with Him. The consequences, for  bad choices and their lack of trust, has cause degeneration of the ways we all were meant to live.


Chapters 6 to 11: Degeneration bought on The Flood which in turn bought a chance for New-beginnings.

Story of Abraham:

Chapters  12 to 25: Abraham was called to leave his home, to a land God had him to live in. The promise God made to Abraham, would be fulfilled in Christ Jesus.

Story of Isaac:

Chapters 24 to 28: Isaac was born to Abraham and his wife Sarah in their old age, very old age.

Story of Jacob:

Chapters 28 to 36:

Isaac had two sons, Jacob and Esau. Esau was the oldest and favored, Jacob was a schemer, and schemed to secure the privilege of The Birthright,that belonged to Esau, as the oldest.

The Story of Joseph:

Chapters 37 to 50:

the story of Joseph, is what Genesis finishes with, Joseph, that favored son pf Jacob, sold into slavery by his brothers, Joseph after many, tragic circumstances, rises under the plans God had for his life, to become a leader in Egypt. From where he was able to help his family, survive a devastating famine.

Joseph offers help, and gave forgiveness to his brother.

Genesis is more than just stories. Just as with Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and the rest of the characters in Genesis. Our Loving God can do great and wonderful things through weak vessels, including all of us.

Read Genesis and be excited, if God can use a schemer, a doubter, and a dreamer, He can mightily use any of us.

God Bless.


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