Reflective Moment ‘Love And Justice’


The Lord always expect justice to be done, for He is a Just and Loving God. Hosea 12 verse 6: tells us, “Observe Mercy and Justice, and wait on your God continually”.

But The Book Of Micah has Justice as it’s main theme. Micah saw that his society  had sold it soul, and he was appalled. The Justice The Lord expected in Micah’s day, is the same justice that He expects today.

The New Testament strongly warns against covetousness, and we are told that, that is where wars and fights come from. James 4 verses 1 to 5: Our longing fro more quickly leads to sinful cravings of what others have.

An insatiable appetite for material items can lead us to commit all kinds of injustices, even if we stop short of breaking the law, we will find ourselves sacrificing the things that truly matter.

Let us be Kingdom people that Love, Mercy and Justice, and Bring Honor to King we serve.


God Bless.


O F J.



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