Entering God’s Presence

In Zechariah Chapter 3: Zechariah is shown a vision of Joshua, the high priest, clothed in filthy garments. Depicting that Joshua is not fit to stand before God. Satan in his accusations would be quite right there. Joshua is an example picture of us all, we are all clad in filthy clothes, no one of us is clean enough to be acceptable in God’s holy presence.

But Joshua does not try to hid, as Adam and Eve did. or even cover himself up. He did not even try to justify himself, or promise to do better in the future.

No it is God Himself that takes away the filthy clothes and puts valuable and rich clothes and a clean turban on him. The high priest was the representative of the people.

The vision of Zechariah shows that the people had sinned {done grievous wrong-doing} against God.The people were taken exile into Babylon, but God in His mercy goes beyond judgement to save his people who turn to Him.

The people were not punished because they shared in mankind’s sinfulness, but because they sinned horribly.

The New testament emphasizes that all of us, however good, stand before God in fifthly garments. Romans 3 Verse 23:

“For all have sinned and fall sort of the Glory of God,”

There is also a different meaning, Joshua is described as ‘A burning stick snatched from the fire’, saved by God from total destruction. In this way he foreshadows Christ Jesus who carried our sins, suffering the judgement we deserved from God, but coming through victoriously.

Romans 3 verses 24 and 25:

Verse 24: Being justified freely by His Grace through redemption that is in Christ Jesus.”

Verse 25: “Whom God set forth to be a propitiation by His blood, through faith, to demonstrate His righteousness, because in His forbearance God passed over the sins that were previously committed.” ..

God promises Joshua that, ‘I will give you a place among those standing here {Verse 7}. This reminds us that Christ Jesus, the great high priest has done for us.and any ‘Whosoever’ can come. John 3 verse 16.

It is Good to have new garments to wear, especially the one God has prepared for us. Jeremiah 29 verse 11:

God Bless


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