Scripture Verse Of The Week ‘Romans 6 Verse 23’


We are created in the image of God, Who is eternal, to live with Him eternally.

This was the plan from the beginning, the rebellion of the original  against God, never stopped us from being eternal beings. It brought into play, eternity without the God that created us. An eternity where the presence of a Loving God is missing.

Just as there was choices in the beginning of creation, we all have a choice now to accept Jesus, because He paid the price in full for all sin. We can come back again and walk in fellowship with Our Creator God now, and forever in eternity or reject Him and go into eternity without Him.

How terrible that will be, a place where the Love of God is not present, because the choice was made to reject him

Basic Christian faith has a belief system, here are some of the explanations of that belief system that may help us all understand better.

1. Christians believe that Jesus died and that He rose again. {This is the Doctrine of the resurrection}.

2. Christians also believe no only that Jesus rose again, but He was also taken back up into heaven. {This is the Doctrine of the ascension}

3. Now that Jesus is back in heaven, He is seated at the right hand of The Father, showing that His work is now complete. {this is the Doctrine of the session of Christ}.

You may like to read again our post on ‘It is finished’,  Christ Jesus Our Lord and Our Friend, went back to His Place He came from, to be incarnate in flesh as one of us, to pay the price of separation from Him, because of sin {wrong-doings| At Assention Christ Jesus went back to sit in His rightful place, having ‘Finished’ the work He came to do.

Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend} did not leave us alone, Jesus promised His disciples and all who would believe and receive The Holy Spirit, who is also God, to be apart of our lives

We are never alone, we we have Jesus, Our Lord and Our Friend, who is God, in The Throne Room of heaven, with The Father, interceding on our behalf, and we have The Holy Spirit to help us on our journey through life to eternity, where we will have eternal communion with The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

What a great destiny, that is planned for those that Love and Accept Him and Walk in His ways, that He has for each one of our lives.

God Bless.


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