Faith In Action ‘Finding Truth In The Word’


There are always people too willing to take the Bible out of context, so these people use these arguments to try to dismiss the Bible all together.

It is amazing everybody knows something in the Bible, but ask them which one of the 66 books that make up the Bible, their quote is in, they have no idea. We are not saying that we know where everything is in the Bible, but to use the bible as a reference for a quote to prove a point, that is the least you should know.

I was listening to a person with a personal crusade on a subject, dismiss the Bible because of slavery.

The fact is slavery is mentioned in the Bible, but the Bible doesn’t promote slavery.

Slavery was taken for granted in the ancient world. Today it is one of the things that we find most shocking, but in those days slaves were everywhere. The Roman empire was built on slavery. Slaves probably made up a third of the population of the major cities and could have been a lot higher in cities such as Rome and Athens.

In the Roman world, slaves were more things than people. They could not legally marry, nor could they own any property in their own name. While many slaves led very sad and hard lives,others were more like servants , trusted and respected members of the family.

A person could become a slave in one of three ways:

1. By being captured in war. {Numbers 31 verses 7 to9].

2. By voluntarily selling themselves into slavery in order to pay debt or a fine. {Leviticus 25 verse 39].

3. By being born to slave parents. {Exodus 21 verse 4}

Slavery is pitiful, and it was a Christian by the name of William Wilberforce {1759 -1833], with the help of John Newton {a converted slave trader and wrote ‘Amazing Grace’ 1725 -1807} who worked tirelessly to see the end of slave trade in England.

If we turn to the bible Deuteronomy 15 verse 12 to 18, we find a person who sold themselves into servant-hood/slavery were to be set free on the seventh year. When they were released, they were not to go away empty handed. They were liberally to be supply from what there owner had.

But if the servant, slave said he/she didn’t want to leave, because he/she loved the family and consider themselves well off. They were to have their ear place to a door and with an awl {small pointed tool for piercing holes} have their ear pieced.They would become servants/slaves for life, that is how good some servant/slaves had.

In the new testament Paul didn’t approve of slavery. He advise slaves to obtain their freedom if possible {1 Corinthians 7 verse21] and listed slave trader among the ungodly, grouping them with adulterers, liars and murderers {1 Timothy 1 v20}. Paul argued that masters should treat slaves with fairness and compassion.

Paul indeed believed, that all Christians were slaves, that Christ Jesus paid the price for to redeem us from slavery to sin. We become servant for Christ Jesus to tirelessly work in service for Him. What a privilege.

I remember we used to sing in Church A song which went something like this:

“Make me a love slave, Make me a love slave. Put my ear up to the door I don’t want to leave here anymore, Make me a love slave, forever to My Lord.

I myself really do want to live and work for My Lord and My Friend {Christ Jesus}. I would only be too willing to put my ear to the door, to serve My Lord, he knows all about me and he loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so.

We hope that this explains slavery from a Bible perceptive, so those who are only to willing to miss quote and dismiss the things, they can not possibly understand the Bible, without knowing the source of the Bible’s inspiration, Christ Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend}

God Bless.


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