A To Do List



Do you have a ‘To D0’ list in your life? Mine never seems to shrink, or, if it does I remember more to add to it that I need to consider.

This applies to my Christian walk as well. My hardest ‘To Do’ human chore is to discard the wardrobe clothes I no longer wear. Why is that do you suppose? Because I grew up in second hand, passed down clothes, on getting married, I bought clothes (new) for my four children and husband but rarely for me until late in life.

In our spiritual life, we need also a ‘To Do’ list for God and from God, one that perhaps beckons more to our priorities as Christians.

I feel I often lack this discipline while allowing so many distractions daily. I forget that God allots my portions and my priorities.

But here is a thought! We have two possible wardrobes and one may be a spiritual inner one that only God, our Lord, observes and weighs up the cloth of our souls, intent to require us to pass on his love to others and to be alongside them in ‘his’ name.

If I empty my spiritual wardrobe it frees me more to hear the words of the Lord’s ‘To Do’ list for Lorraine to obey.

In Lamentations 3 verse22: we read, ‘Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed for his compassion never fails.’

The Lord is my portion so therefore I will wait for him. It is good to wait quietly for his salvation.

Let us examine our ways and test them (v.40).

So, quietly examine your inner wardrobe spaces and seek to keep his garments of faith and discard any outer clothes of dross, deceit, betrayal, wrongdoing or lack of compassion that do not fit in worship. Wear only what is needed to meet God’s portions of guidance. Wear only clothes of honor, truth, righteousness and covered in prayers of faith.

Be Blessed


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