Insights Into ‘Ezekiel’


Ezekiel the priest assures his people that God will one day return them to Jerusalem and restore the temple.

For years after arriving in Babylon as part of the second wave of exiles, Ezekiel sees visions of God. God fiery, glorious and awesome. The sight changes Ezekiel forever. Because of the cross, and the victory won, we now can have the same Awesome God, come and be apart of our lives, and He will change all our lives forever.

Ezekiel speaks God’s messages while in Babylon, as Jeremiah speaks God’s message in the soon to be conquered Jerusalem. God doesn’t stop speaking to his people, even while they are in exile.

Ezekiel lives during a critical time, and God is trying to get His peoples attention, in whatever way He can. Our Lord and Our Friend is always trying to get our attention, because He has His Perfect plans for our lives, and He always knows what is beat for our lives, even though we might have trouble believing it. {Jeremiah 29 verse 11}

Ezkeil listens and no matter how radical God’s request are, Ezekiel radically obeys.By the Spirit, God takes Ezkiel to Jerusalem twice. In the first visionm God takes Ezekiel to hidden recesses of the temple, where people are worshipping dark idols. Because of these grave sins, God Progressively leaves His His temple His people are spiritually sick.

Jerusalem does indeed fall during Ezkiel’s ministery. Which makes it seem aa if all hope is lost, God wants Exekiel and His people to know, that He has not abandoned them.

God shows Ezekkkiel that his people are like dry, lifeless bones. despite this God covers them with flesh, and breathes life into them. They come alive, because God is not finished with His people.

In the final vision God gives to Ezekiel, God takes Ezekiel back to jerusalem. The ruined city is rebuilt, with a new, magnificent temple. Ezekiel can not stand and falls on his face as God’s glory returns to the new temple.

Our Lord and Our friend does not give up on people, He is going to keep working until one day, we are all toghether with Him forever.

Enjoy reading Ezekiel afresh.

God Bless


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