Weekend Inspiration



Would you, in all truth, have kept awake for Jesus the night he spent in the Garden of Gethsemane? Knowing he trusted his disciples to protect him, to be with him at this time, he spent all night in silence from His Father, emotionally drained. The so called guardians slept past his visits and slept without being there for him. How alone, to his very soul, must he have been that long night, his spirit cold and how sadly disappointed and quite rejected, filled with sorrow.

It is a human trait, when trusting a situation in truth and trust, only to be involved in being exposed to lies, trickery and falseness of word and in a pretense of an exchange of sincerity. These events can create a surrender of our beliefs in connecting truth with trust and changes our inner peace. The internal struggle then shows a distrust of honor and doubts as a child, of the Lord’s grace, love and compassion.

How many times have you become involved in affairs not quite blessed by God and had such a strong sense of betraying him? Does he punish you? It may seem to be so in your conscience but have you had the strength to repent, release and confess to your loving God and so eliminate the sinful deed? If not able to do so, you will feel the stirrings of living daily with what has become wrong in your life which ripples out to consume your spirit.

You will lose, little by little, your connection to God and peace will flee from you.

Without this peace that passes all understanding you will also experience doubt of his forgiveness. His answer is; ‘Not so my follower, my love will heal you, my grace will fulfill you and your soul will be mine again. Do not fear. Peace, in truth with trust will be yours once again.’

Blessings and trust.


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