Hope… It’s The Beginning Of Faith


Well, it’s been a long time between posts for me (The Kid), but I’m glad to be back to share with you what I hope is a life changing word. It’s a word that has been brewing inside me for a number of months now, and really is the sum of the journey I’ve been on. And what a journey it has been, from my own health issues, to seeing thousands healed and saved in Asia, to joining Old Fellow John in warring against the enemy and what he’s trying to inflict on his dear wife.

Before I go on let me make something clear: The Enemy CANNOT and WILL NOT succeed! He and his works have already been defeated. God has NEVER let anyone down, and He is not going to start with Anne!

Now, onto my word…

Since the start of this year I’ve been delving into the scriptures and reading as much as I can on healing and breakthrough, the supernatural, God’s promises and how to receive them. I’ve been researching far and wide and praying about it.

I know it’s God’s will for us to not only be healed but live in supernatural health, to not only receive financial breakthrough but to live a life of supernatural prosperity. The same for our relationships and any other issues we encounter. God really doesn’t want us to have to struggle. But why then, do we not always see this prosperity, or healing or breakthrough?

On a flight between speaking engagements in Asia, I looked out the window at the sprawling earth below, whilst everyone else was asleep and I cried out “Why God? How? Why do I struggle to see my own healing manifest? Why do I struggle to see the prosperity you’ve promised? How do I see it come to me?”

I felt God direct me to Romans 4:16-25. The verses where Paul is talking about the mighty man of faith Abraham. Now I have to admit I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes and complain. I know God. Abraham was promised he would be the father of many nations and it came to pass. But that was different. He was a man of massive faith, AND he had the audible promise of God.

But before I could get that entire train of thought out God interrupted me and told me “Firstly Abraham, like anyone, had to build his faith, he wasn’t born with massive faith. Two you have my promises in word! The sword remember? Finally this was not different. Abraham was under a different covenant. Jesus hadn’t died for him, paid his debt, healed his diseases and made every one of my promises Yes, and amen. Now just read.”

So I put my protests aside and read, the scripture coming alive like never before.

When Abraham looked at hope, he saw that there was none. And in that place decided to hope anyway. He did this for us. Romans 4:18 says “…according to what was spoken, ‘so shall your descendants be.’

Abraham wasn’t weak in faith. He had already seen God come through for him before when he was promised that God would take him and give him his own lands.

He also didn’t consider the fact that his body was already old and dead, and that Sarah’s womb was much the same.

He didn’t waver through unbelief (notice it doesn’t say he wasn’t tempted with it, just that it says he didn’t waver through it. He didn’t entertain it).

He was strengthened in faith giving Glory to God.

And was fully convinced that if God had promised, then He’d be able to deliver.

This shook my thinking, it was like God was illuminating for me steps that would lead me to seeing His promises come to fruition. Let me lay them out for you Here.

When you have no hope. Hope anyway! Hope is the beginning of faith. And in truth you do have hope. The hope of the world!

Remember testimonies of when God has come through for you before, the enemy will try to convince you He never has, steal them from you or convince you that they aren’t powerful or don’t count. But they do! He has done amazing things for us all. And will continue to!

Don’t consider the evidence contrary to what God’s word says. Don’t look at your poverty or your aches and pains and reason that God hasn’t and won’t heal you. It’s not true. It’s a journey. If God’s word says you’re healed then consider that more real than your woes!

Don’t entertain thoughts of unbelief . They will come. The enemy will throw them at you “this isn’t working” “How is everyone going to handle me not being here” etc. When they pass through your head catch them, and know they are seeds of the enemy trying to plant themselves into your mind, and have you dwell on it instead of the word of God!

In fact instead of thinking on unbelief He praised God. Take your eyes off of the enemy. Don’t let him turn a molehill into a mountain. Praise God and get a new perspective on things. God’s perspective, and turn those mountains into molehills. Or even better, cast them into the sea!!!! Give glory to God and it will strengthen you and your faith!

And most importantly the bible makes it clear God can’t lie. So if He has promised something to you (which he has! He’s signed off all your debts in blood) “All the promises in Him are Yes, and Amen” Then He can deliver it, and He will deliver! He provides the Yes, we just need to provide the amen!

My last thought. I jotted the following into my diary right after. It still seems so pertinent to me now.

“A promise being fulfilled is never based on our external factors. If I promised you that I would make you millionaires, you wouldn’t judge me by the fact that you were broke. You would judge me by my ability to deliver, both present and past. Yet when we are sick or in poverty instead of judging God’s promises (healing, abundance, etc) on His ability to deliver both present and past (Who has never failed by the by) we judge it on our external factors. That’s like me saying I will give you a fish, and you going away saying that I can’t possibly give you a fish because you don’t currently have one. It makes no sense! So grateful for His grace! Have faith! Your external factors do not control His ability to deliver! His ability to deliver is based on His ability to deliver which is 100%”

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