Faith Praise Point


Remember this, well He is back. We have been get a lot more prayer request lately and The Kid loves to pray for people. He has become very busy, but I can assure you he would love to pray for your requests, and he would love to here from you, and be able to respond to you, and I am only to happy to do the same

We here at congratulates The Kid for being part of a mission trip in Asia. Well The Kid is back from witnessing as apart of a team, that witnessed and preached the Gospel in words and practical terms.The Kid is back.

The Kid is also the computer guru around here, and The Kid is back.

I need to leave this paragraph from the original message in, but I know we will be hearing from The Kid more soon. It may appear he hasn’t written much lately, and I have been stirring him, calling him Friar Tuck, because he seems to be Tucking into a lot of things. The Kid always keeps himself extremely busy in his walk with The Lord.

Well done to The Kid {the oldest on record}, we know the Our Lord and Our Friend has been with you and is with you. Welcome Back

If you would like to ask The Kid something you find hard to understand, send him you concerns, and no matter who you are, you are always welcome to send prayer requests, and your questions.

God Bless

O F J.

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