Weekend Inspiration



Jesus sank silently to his knees for the third time since midnight to plead with his father God. The sky was purple and a deep blue which bled into each other. His sweat poured from him asking God to release from him what lay ahead, a betrayal leading to death.

His father did not respond to his tears of despair, the air had no breeze and the quiet night seemed misty and ominous above the still trees. Jesus had returned for the third time to seek solace from his God. His faithful disciples, heavy with sleep, had barely woken when he tried to rouse them. The turned over and slept on. Despite the predictions of one who would betray Jesus they snored and snuffled and slept on.

He was alone, not one could stay awake with him. He knew of the suffering to come so surely one of his beloved would sit with him? He lay prone on the ground seeking his father’s love and praying the cup of sorrow would be removed from him. Still silence, the silence of rejection, of a loneliness deep in his soul that he groaned aloud.

Still, the sky was silent. No wind rustled tree leaves, no creature stirred and birds kept their beaks under a wing. Jesus split the air with such a note of sorrowing sadness that just floated up to an empty sky. God was silent. Everything around him was silent. He bowed his aching head and in his heart he also drank up silence as he waited for the soldiers to come as well as the accusers.

He knew who had betrayed him, he knew what agony he would inhale from that night, he knew his disciples had been unable to stay awake to comfort him. His death would be a sacrifice for all men on earth but oh what aloneness his spirit held. Like razors did he hurt inside but he was met with such ridicule and shouting his tongue shriveled.

He became silent. He was tried and hung on the cross, silence echoed around him as he died with love in his heart, as he sacrificed all to give us peace and spiritual glory through his teachings, he gave a last breath with silence and all of Earth went dark. His silence was our salvation forever. His life is our life in his love from the cross. May it always be so.

Joy from Lorraine

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