Our Testimony Our story


There is an old Hymn, that goes something like this; ‘This is my story this is my song praising my Savior all the day long. Every Christian has a story to tell about God’s love.

In Philippians 3 verses 4 to 14: The Apostle Paul shares his story so that others might not be led astray by false teachers. Paul doesn’t mix words about these false teachers verse 2; “Watch out for ‘dogs’ watch out for those who mutilate the flesh”. These were people who wanted Christians to adopt a Jewish from of faith.

Paul says that he ‘could put his trust in such things if he wanted to’. He had been circumcised, he was of the tribe of Benjamin, he was a Pharisee, and even more he kept the Law faultlessly. {Verse  to 6}

And then he goes to explain, He counted all this dung because He had gained the most precious thing of all ‘Jesus’. What is more, his ambitions is to go on knowing more and more and entering deeper and deeper into Jesus death and resurrection.

This ‘Knowing’ that Paul was talking about is the knowledge gained through experience. Just as we get to know a person by sharing and living with them, so Paul’s knowledge of Jesus grows through his daily contact with Him.

Not just in good times, even when _Paul faced suffering and discouragement, he experienced the power of Christ resurrection. This is true for any of us, who are genuinely following Christ.

Not by any means is Paul saying he is perfect and complete,  verse 12;

“Not that I have already reached the goal or am already  fully mature, but I make every effort tot take hold of it because i also have been taken hold of by Christ Jesus’.

Paul uses an athlete, as an example, but unlike, an athlete, Paul is not concerned about himself. In the ‘so called; Christian race there is not one single winner. and like Paul our ambitions should be for our friends, to take hold of what can be obtained freely through Christ Jesus. and not just to take hold of it, but to do our very best for Our Lord and Our Friend with it. That should be our story, because after all, everything we do should bring glory to him.

God Bless



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