Losing Your Cool


Have you ever lost your temper, well you are not alone. One of the meanings of the word temper is: a particular state of mind. So perhaps when it is said, we have lost our temper, it could be a good thing, as long as we don’t try to get it back, that particular state of mind.

When we think of Bible stories, we don’t generally think that the characters in the Bible are just normal people like us, with a different calling on their lives. we all have emotions, because we were created with them, they help us express life.

Losing our temper, getting angry,  is using our emotions, but we should never let our emotions control us, and it is no good to stay angry for too long. Our Lord and Our Friend is always there to help, so when we are  struggling, call to Him for help.

Numbers 20: Great man of Faith, gets angry. Moses loses his cool, and lashes out with a stick, and hits a rock twice.

Despite Joshua and Caleb bringing back a good report about the promise land, the people kept on wandering, wandering from one oasis to another. At one camping place there was no water. The people had forgotten that God had always given them the water they needed. So the whinging started, asking Moses, ‘Why did he bring them to this place.

The people were also looking back, which is funny in away, sure they had food in Egypt, but they were in slavery. Moses and his bother Aaron knew that it was the people’s own fault they were not in the Promised Land by now, enjoying the fruit and water there.

Moses turns to God, like the man of God he is, first call for all our problems is Our Lord and Our Friend. ‘Take your stick, Moses,’ God said, ‘and call all the people together, Then speak to that rock over there, in front of them all, and I will bring water out of it.’

Moses gathered the people. ‘Listen to me, you rebellious people.’ he shouted. ‘Do I have to bring water out of this rock for you?’ Moses then didn’t not do what God wanted Him to do because he was angry. In his anger, he hit the rock twice with all his might.

The emotion anger, often gets in our way, of doing things the way we should. Circumstances can over come us, but like Moses, he did the right thing at first, he took the problem to God. God gave him the answer, but he let his anger take of the task, and he hit the rock, instead of speaking to it, as God told him.

The Rock speaks of Christ Jesus, we only need to speak to Him, and not take out our frustrations on Him. There are times when we will lose our cool, but take it to Our Lord and Our Friend, and allow Him to work in and through our lives.

God Bless.

O F J.

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