Reflective Moment ‘Forgiveness’


Repentance means: To feel sorry or remorseful, especially with the intention to improve or reform.

But repentance has a Divine side and a Human side.

The Divine side, God’s Mercy and Grace.

Comes through the conviction of The Holy Spirit, by hearing the word.

It is A gift of God’s Grace and Mercy and Love for us all.

Our being able to repent before God, comes from The price that was paid by Christ Jesus on the Cross.

The Human side, our response.

By acceptance of the Truth of The Gospel {The Good News}.

By our response of our whole self to the Truth of The Gospel.

By complete trust, of The Truth of The Gospel, by the surrender of will.

The results of Repentance.

The ‘Whosoever’ is granted saving faith. The ‘Whosoever’ receives pardon and forgiveness. The ‘Whosoever’ starts a journey of transformation, into Christ likeness. The ‘Whosoever’ brings great joy to the angel is heaven, as well as to the bearers of The Truth of The Gospel.

Who can receive this Forgiveness, through Repentance:

Anyone, no matter what you have done, no matter what stage of life you are in, no matter how bad you think your wrong-doing {sin} is. but it requires a response to receive.

John 3 verse 16: ” For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that ‘Whosoever’ believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”.

Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness, is available to ‘Whosoever’, but a response of acceptance through genuine remorse and repentance is needed.   A great decision that will never disappoint.

God Bless.

O F J.

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