Faith In Action ‘Rising Up, Stepping Out’

People over the centuries have been singing about, stepping  up and out in the calling, Our Lord and Our Friend, has for each one of our lives. Here is another Hymn of inspiration

We have taken the liberty for a slight change to the Hymn, in the original it says ‘Young Men’, but this was because an era  when it was written.  We have changed it to ‘Young People’.

V1; Young People * In Christ, arise!

Own Him your Savior God,

His name adore;

For by His wondrous sacrifice

He paid the great redemptive price,

That all might have eternal life,

That comes to God through Him.

V2: Young People in Christ The Lord,

Be mighty in His Word.

It’s truth declare;

And seek the Holy Spirit’s power

By faith and persevering prayer,

That ye may witness anywhere

That all people are found.

V3: Young people in Christ The King,

Your grateful tribute bring

Of love and praise:

United in His royal name.

With loyal hearts His word proclaim

Throughout the world to all young people,

“Ye must be born again!”

V4: Young people in Christ the Friend,

On Him all hopes depend

Of true relief;

To every burdened soul you meet,

His gracious, loving words so sweet,

“come unto Me,” with love repeat,

“And I will give you rest.”

V5: Young people in Christ, behold

The world before you lies

Enslaved in sin

Make haste to swell the missions band,

Prepare to go at His command

To save lost people in every land

At any sacrifice.

v6: Young people in Christ the Son.

In Him we are all one;

For this He prayed.

Then let us join the heavenly throng,

To sound His praise in endless song,

For all we have and are belong

To Christ, our Lord Divine.

Great faith declared, it is a “Faith In Action: call. It is a great call for us all to arise, in a new freshness, to be the people He has called us to be ‘Salt’ to this world.

God Bless.


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