Faith In Action – Empathy


A Young man named Justin from the north of our state, Justin girlfriend Becky was in hospital after a major cancer operation. Justin was staying with Joy his girlfriend’s mother. Both Justin and Becky were 18 years old.

Justin was a real great country lad and was quite sensible about his life and the circumstances he and his girlfriend were in. I had a wonderful privilege to share with Justin and give him our ministry card. Tears came to his eyes as he said he had faith. He thanked me for sharing, and said the message on the card meant a lot to him and he would share it with Becky and Joy.

I told him the ministry would be praying for Him and Becky during this tough time. He thanked me as he left, staring at the card.

Later that night I was to met Colin, who was a qualified builder, who was severely injured in a work accident. Colin had been in hospital for 15 months and just been released. Colin said he had 132 screws and plates in his  body now, and had two more operations to go. Colin had come out to go a bottle shop {Liquor store}  to buy himself a beer. Most Christians might have trouble understanding that, but Jesus always meets people where they’re at.  I started sharing with Colin, he told me he didn’t believe, but someone must be looking out for him. Colin took a card, thanked me and put it in his wallet.

Never get tired of sharing your faith, you never know how and whose eternity you will change for the better.

Jesus’ attitude to all he met was one of love and compassion, no strings attached. Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend}  is waiting for us all, to come to Him and accept Him for what He did on the cross, for all who believe. These should be our attributes to, to  love and show compassion, which will draw people to Him

People don’t care what you have, they just want to know that you care.

This is a short faith in action story but empathy is a powerful word, when used in witnessing for His Kingdom.

God Bless.

O F J.

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