A Faith Story


This is a one on one type of story, which is real at this moment in time. As you all would know My Lord My Friend.com was established to help bring the excitement of living by faith, by a deeper understanding of Our Lord and Our Friend. The best way to do this is to delve into His word for the riches He has for all our lives. We are here to stand with you for any prayer needs you may have, and be available to give our best at  answering any questions about faith you may have as well.

Well I am Old Fellow John {OFJ} or John and my partner in this ministry is the Kid {no he just younger than me} Michael.  We have always said life is a journey and Our Lord and Our Friend is always with us on our journey. What we come across along the Journey, can be challenging, like Psalm 23 says:

Verse 4 “even when I {We} go through the darkest valley, I {We} fear no danger, for You are with me”.

Well the ministry is going through it at the moment, my wife Anne of 38 years, has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. That is the bad news. But Our Lord and Our Friend, is in control, and He revealed this in an unusual way.

We have many friends of the ministry, and my older son is care taker at a church near where we live. My son came and picked up my wife last Sunday to take her to church, because the more faithful people praying the better.

It so happens they had a visiting Pastor as speaker. At the end of his Preaching, he said while he was praying the night before, what to preach about, He was told to tell a lady with a yellow shirt/top, that God loved her and she is going to get a breakthrough today. He also said that he thought he would have trouble saying that, so he asked for confirmation. Well he received an email from a friend to confirm he was to do this and had the time and date on his phone as proof of the confirmation he asked for.

My wife was the only lady in church wearing a yellow shirt/top. this was not the top she was going to wear, but couldn’t find the one she wanted to wear.  We have since been to several doctors and Finally  a surgeon, the word in the natural is not good.

But Our Lord and Our Friend went to extraordinary lengths to assure my wife, he is in control. We now await the good report in the natural.

Standing on the promises of God, He knows all about us, he knows what we are going through. The word is THROUGH, so we are standing on the Promises of God.

We know we will have the victory in this, even though victory in the natural is not evident yet.

We believe this may help others out there, to stand on the Promises of Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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