Love, Love, Love… We’ve Got To Be Love


Hi all, The Kid here, I apologise for my absence of late, I have been incredibly busy, but I’m assured in the knowledge that you are in the good hands of Old Fellow John. I’m not going to say a lot, but I’m going to share what’s on my heart, and for those that know me or regularly read my articles it will be no surprise to you that I’m going to share on love.

God is love. Every Christian knows that. We know that His love for us was was so strong that He sent His son to die for us. We know this, yet we very rarely understand the other side of God being love.

If God is Love, and we are created in His image, then we too are Love. Well at least we should be.

Yet when I look around the Christian world, I see less and less Love and more and more “judging” under the guise of love. Yet for me, the implications of being Love, being made of Love, being made by Love is that we love and we can’t help that we do it!

I feel as though we are deceiving ourselves into believing that this world we live in isn’t affecting us and we are affecting it. If that were truly the case, and we loved our brothers and sisters, friends, neighbours and strangers as much as we love ourselves then the by product of that would be a world that loves.

You know if everyone of us took the time to love one other person, and disciple them into the kingdom than the whole world would be one for Christ in under 3 years, as long as those that were loved and discipled into the kingdom continued to do the same. We have fertile grounds so close to us (our friends, families, etc) yet it almost seems like we’re all so long sighted. “If I don’t reach the natives of East Mesopotamia, who will?”

I think that’s the wrong attitude, especially when I can almost guarentee you that you have people close to you, who would just love to sit with someone and share their life story, to be taken out for a coffee, to feel loved. We all have a basic need for love, and we search for it from the moment we’re born, but it’s the one thing we don’t give away freely enough. There is a world out there that desperately needs love. This world is filled with lost, lonely broken people, and unfortunately it’s the lost, lonely and broken that are affecting the world better than we are.

Jesus, the pure embodiment of love, through the 10 commandments out the window and stated that the greatest command was Love. We were to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and spirit, and we were to love our brother as we love ourselves. He demonstrated that the greatest sign of love was to lay down our life for another right before he lay down His life for us.

Go back through and read about His ministry. Yes there were signs and wonders and miracles, but they were all driven by live. He was moved by compassion for the people of this world. As we need to be. He was seen eating with the unloved, despised, and the hated. He turned no one away, He just loved, and loved and loved.

And He was human.

This mandate of love isn’t beyond our reach. We can make it as simple or as hard as we want but the truth is if we love God first and the person next to us, then we as a body of believers will make a bigger impact on this world than anyone ever has. There is a world that needs to be loved, and we have it in us to shelve our sinful selfish desires and model Christ unto this world.

Lets be deliberate about who and how we love, lets not just buy someone a coffee and leave it there, lets actually care and disciple these people, and show the world what Love actually looks like, and not the cheap knock off Hollywood has poisoned us with.

Together, I know we can do this!

Love you all immensely.

The Kid.

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