The Messiah


The Hebrew word means “anointed” a rescuer, sent from God to save His people.

The Greek word for ‘anointed’ is ‘christos’, from which we get Christ.

People only need saving when they are in peril, and many times in the history of the Old testament, God people were constantly under attach and oppression. between the New and Old testaments, God’s people were under occupation of foreign powers. Their cries for a Messiah to come, became more and more often.

The people interpreted the Messiah as being a military hero, someone who would drive out the forces of occupation fro their country.

Before Jesus others claimed to be the deliverer. Judas of Galilee led an insurrection in 6 ad and there were others. All of these were uprisings that were brutally suppressed.

Jesus was recognized by many as the Messiah. Jesus tried to play down those expectations and was reluctant to apply the term to Himself. This was because He was not the figure they wanted Him to be. Jesus had no intention of being connected with violence and insurrection. Jesus preaching was a revolutionary message, and He was setting up a New Kingdom, but it was not the way the people were expecting.

It was through Christ Jesus crucifixion and resurrection, that His followers understood that He was the Messiah.

Jesus fulfilled all the old testament prophecies about the Messiah. If we quickly turn back to the Book of Isaiah chapter 53, we get a great picture the deliverer, the Messiah, Jesus. Verse 3 “He was despised and rejected by men.”

Verse 5 ” He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed because of our inquiries, punishment for our peace was on Him.”

Isaiah 60 verse 1 “Arise, shine for your light has come, and the Glory of the Lord shines over you.”

Jesus the Messiah was crucified for us, but the grave could not hold Him down. Jesus has won the battle and he is our deliverer and can deliverer us from the powers of darkness in our circumstances.

In the light of Christ Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, His followers really understood He was the Messiah. Gradually the word “Christos”  turned into Christ and became more of a name. It means really what it always meant, Jesus Christ anointed One or the Messiah.

Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend} has come set set us all free from the power of sin, that His first creations Adam and Eve sold us into by rebelling against Him.

Come and accept Christ Jesus for who He really is The Messiah, and have your life transformed.

God Bless


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