The Lesson Of The Little Worm


Jonah. Remember the bloke swallowed by the big fish? He didn’t want to do what God asked him to do. In the end after a lot of things that happened to him, he got on with the task of doing what he was suppose to do for God.

But Jonah was still angry, he really wanted God to punish the people, so he walked out of Nineveh. Jonah was still hoping God would punish them. The conditions at the time were unbearable, the heat made Jonah feel worse.

God will always provide for those that do his work, and God prepared a big shady plant to protect Jonah from the extreme heat. Jonah became comfortable, but God had a little worm to nibble at the roots of the plant and by the morning the plant had died.

Jonah had finished his task for God, but God was not going to let him settle in a place where he was comfortable, because Jonah was still angry and was now even more angry, because the plant died.

Jonah conversed with God. God asked him “So you are angry because the plant died, yet you did nothing to make it grow or keep it alive.” God rebukes Jonah about his attitude to the people of Nineveh. God will always show His mercy to people who {repent}, say sorry for the wrongs they have done.

Moral of the story: God wants to show mercy.

God needs people to witness to the unsaved.

God loves people even if we don’t understand why He could love some people.

If God sends us and we follow God’s plan, we will have the result He has ordained.

We are never to get comfy in our achievements because God always wants to take us on to better things.

We should all make ourselves available to do great things for God.

God can use anybody or anything even a worm had a job to do, to get Jonah out of his comfort zone. Maybe God is trying to get you to move to something new to do for Him

Read about the worm and comfort zones in Jonah chapter 3.

God Bless.

O F J.

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