Easter Week


The two great Celebrations in the Christian year are Christmas when God the Son become incarnate in the flesh, to live as one of us. And Easter when God the Son who had lived as one of us, died as one of us, to pay the price for our separation from God, because of sin {wrongdoing against God}.

Wrong doings against the laws of society, also requires, a price to be paid, either by jail or by death. So the God that created us, has laws too, they were broken by His original creations {Adam and Eve}, and the cost they paid was separation from God. In the Garden of Eden they readily communed with God, after they fell into sin they were kicked out of the place of communion with Him, sure God was still available to converse with them but no longer in that intimate way. A price would need to be paid for the restoration of that special communion.

I was speaking to a friend about this particular subject, and they were to say God had set them up for failure by placing a tree he didn’t want them to eat of in the Garden Of Eden, so some how it was God’s fault. Everything God does has reason, the tree being there was nothing to do in tempting them into failure, because God does not tempt anybody. The tree was more a question of loyalty, which is  a subject that any person in authority has a right to ask. Just as in the world it is very hard to work with non loyal and non committed people, this I believe is based on a standard that  Our Lord and Our Friend sets  He will always love us, but until we are in that special place of Knowing and trusting, our lives will never be satisfied.

Our Lord and Our friend didn’t have to come to die on the cross in our place, for all our wrong doings, but He did it out of His great love for us.it wasn’t the nails that held Hm to the cross, it was His Love, so He could restore us,  all who accept to an intimate relationship with Him.

Though acceptance of what He did on the cross, we enter into newness of life in Him, and in all who He is. We become Redeemed, even though it is still possible of committing wrong doings {sin] against God, but we are all sinners Redeemed  by Grace {God’s unmerited favor}. This time if we are to sin, because we don’t become perfect, we put on His Perfection, we have an advocate before the Throne of Grace.

We now walk in the Love, that He had for us when He died in our place, and through this Love, even though it is possible for us to do wrong doings {sin], He is faithful and just to forgive us of them, if we learn to bring them to God.

The new life, He offers for us to walk in, will be hampered by any wrong doings and  they need to be taken to Him, so our walk will always be effective. 1 John 2 verse 1 1nd 2.

So let this week leading up to the Celebration of Easter reflect on all Our Lord and Our friend has done for us, and a time to reflect the following passage of Scripture, ” 1 John Chapter 1. Read it and enjoy.

Let the reality of this eater Celebration, transform your life continually.

God Bless.

O F J.

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