Scripture Of The Week – Isaiah 53:6


Isaiah 53 verse 6: “We all went astray like sheep , we all have turned to our own way: and the Lord has punished Him for the iniquity of us all.”

Jesus emptied Himself of His own divine Glory and paid the price for our wrong-doings {sin] against on the Cross.

The verse before v5   “But He was pierced because of our transgression, crushed because of our inquiries, punishment for our peace was on Him.”

Disobedience to god is sin, just as there are laws in nature eg; take the law of gravity would be one way to explain it, if we jumped without a parachute the consequences would be disarterest.

Mass against Atmoshere without adequate protection  = disaster.

Stepping away from the will of God in disaobedience to the laws of God also brings disaster in consequences.

But God by His Only Begotten Son {Christ Jesus} who is one with The Father and Holy Spirit, paid the price for the consequences of our sins.

If we accept what Our Lord and Our Friend did through the cross, which was prophesied in Isaiah the dbt has been paid.

The Creator die as one of us, to pay the orice for us.

Our Lord and Our Friend paid for our trangression {Sin}. This is undserved and unwarranted favor. The Love of God for each one of us.

Come have the absolute pleasure of finding out more of His great love for us for The Bible.

God Bless.


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