Time To Reflect


I came across a quote from a book ‘God In Search Of Man’ by Abraham Heschel.  “Hypocrisy rather than heresy is the cause of spiritual decay”

How sad! Lets turn to Jeremiah & verse 5 to 9:

The people of Jeremiah’s day were practicing a religion, more to the point acting out a religion, and according to Jeremiah they were guilty of the following;

They oppressed the weak and the disadvantaged.

Stole from each other.

Were unjust in their business dealings.

Committed adultery.

Lied and went back on their word.

But the people still came to the Temple, believing that God would still bless them. In response God told Jeremiah to stand in the gate of the temple and preach a sermon, denouncing their Hypocrisy.

How sad!  Hypocrisy is really bad religion, Christianity was never meant to be a religion. Christianity is a life style where we walk with Our Creator God, as Our Lord and Our Friend.

Lets never forget it

God Bless.

O F J.

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