Dealing With Difficulties – Hypocrisy


Virtually it is believing one thing, and practicing another or saying another.

This word seems to stir us in someway and most would say I am not like that. We are all sinners saved by an Amazing Grace. We walk in a newness of life, but it is hard to die to the old self.

Hypocrisy is definitely not a Fruit of The Spirit, which are the fruits we all should grow in, but there can be a little fox in the vineyard of those fruit. something that can gnaw away at the good fruit growing  in our lives.

I am sure we have at sometimes been disappointed or even hurt by religion. it is often said that the church is full of Hypocrites, Well the answer to that is the church is full of sinners saved by Grace, and still working their way through lots of things.

The concept that the church is full of saints is so wrong. The church should be a place to help people in all sorts of difficulties. Sure in any congregation there are stronger people of faith, but they are no less immuned from the difficulties of life, than some struggling with hypocrisy.

We don’t have to please anyone, accept  God {Our Lord and Our Friend], and He is always there to help us. He wants to know the real us, and not something we are using to impress Him, or our peers with.

Hypocrisy is really Bad Religion and if we take the Religion out of Christianity, we are left with a life style, a life worth walking, a life worth sharing, and a life with a destiny.

If we say we are Christian, then we must not only come to Our Lord and Our Friend in worship, we must come to Him with everything we are and have, and trust Him to help us in both our weaknesses and strengths.

Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees. Mathew 16 verse 6.

Again a song that sticks with me, “Let the words of my mouth, and the mediation of my heart, always be acceptable in your presences My Lord, MY Redeemer and My Friend.

We will never be perfect in ourselves, but we are enclothed in Him and He deserves our best.

This was a difficult subject to write on, because to be honest it is an issue we are all guilty of in some way. I took it to The Lord and asked Him for his help, to rid me of any shadow of this awful offense. It is awfully offensive to The King we serve, and whose kingdom we belong to.

God Bless.

O F J.

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