Study Of Revelation Cont. ‘Letter To Sixth Church Philadephia’


The sixth Church mentioned in the letters to church in Revelation, Philadephia.  Find it in Revelation 3 verses 7 to 13:

Not a lot is known about the church of Philadephia, apart from this mention in Revelation.It was most likely founded by Paul on his missionary trip to Ephesus.

The city of Philadephia mentioned hear is in Asia,  A Greek ruler named Attalus saw how uncivil the people of the region were, so he built the city to bring Greek culture and language to the region, and it was successful. Two hundred and fifty years later another change in culture in the form of Christianity was to come to the city. A small band of feeble Christains came to this door of opportunity for the Gospel, and this was to be a door Jesus opened and a door no one could shut.

This is a great testimony to us all, it doesn’t matter how we are view by others, if we give ourselves over to be used by Our Lord and Our Friend, who know what we can achieve.

The letter to the church in Philadephia is a great letter of praise. There is no condemnation found anywhere in the letter. The word repent is not mentioned, because it is a fruitful church. These words are the words we like to hear Jesus say to all of us. Jesus had found in this city, which was known for it’s sophistication, a small group of believers that were true to Him. “You have kept MY Word” – and “you have not denied My Name”.

When persecution came and they were under pressure to confess Caesar as lord, these men and women stood firm to their loyalty to Jesus. In response to that great faithfulness, Jesus promises some amazing blessings:

Jesus promises to exult the church before their enemies. The church at Philadephia will be protected from the testing to come. If exultation and protection aren’t  enough, Jesus promises three gifts to those who overcome and are victorious.Rev 3 verse 12:

1. Stability:

Jesus will make us pillars in the temple of God. This was a practice in the city that a person who served faithfully in public office , the city would erect a pillar in the temple to honor that person. Jesus is following on from that and saying everybody who remains faithful to Him, He will honor us in the Temple of God.

2. Safety:

To those Christians who remain loyal and faithful, Jesus promises a city were they are safe. We will never have to leave the heavenly city He has for us.


Jesus will write three names on us, which are the marks of belonging to Him and under His protection.The first name “The Name of My God. The Second Name the Name of the City of God. The Third Name, Jesus will write on us His own ‘new name.

The message for us all from this letter is, what doors of spiritual opportunity stand open before your life. It is time for us all to take the step of faith, the door was put their by Jesus Himself. The door might not appear small and unimpressive, but the opportunity is ours, if we are faithful in the small things, God will give us opportunities for bigger things.

One of to mottoes of this ministry is for “Such A Time as This”. There are doors of opportunities before us all, with the promises that were spoken over this church because they remained faithful, How can we afford to miss the blessing and opportunities that become available to us.

God Bless.
O F J.

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