A Testimony Of A Life Transformed


We all have testimonies, and most of the things that happen in our lives whether good or bad produce amazing testimonies that can bring much encouragement to others. The following is a testimony of my wonderful cousin, who lived much of the time in a country town and because of her religious upbringing as a Jehovah witness we did not have much communication. My mother and My sister both passed  away recently to go to be with The Lord and I was able to catch up with her, we had been in  regular contact since, she left and was shunned by the Jehovah witnesses  My cousin has had a hard life and known little Godly love but Our Lord and Our friend had his Hand on her life, and now she is a strong Christian lady who loves The Lord dearly. I asked Her could I use her testimony from her life on the web site, she had no hesitation to agree. Here is the testimony of a woman’s life, my cousin.

I was born in Mundubbera, Qld .  I had  6 Sisters and 2 Brothers.  One Sister died at a very young age.  My arrival into the world was not anticipated, as my Mother had finally seen my older Sister off to school.  I suffered a lot of rejection because of this.  My upbringing was very strict, although very Family orientated due to my Greek heritage.  Through my life, I have experienced many life threatening circumstances.  I praise God that he’s always been in control of my life.  As a third Generation Jehovah’s Witness, I was expected to unquestionably conform to the J.W. rules.  When I was dating my ex-Husband, my parents disliked him and didn’t want me to marry him.  Being a rebellious teenager, I didn’t listen and went ahead with the marriage.   Two Children, a Son and a Daughter plus 3 miscarriages followed,during this time, my Father was excommunicated from the J.W.’s and I was to have no contact with him.  I started to question my J.W. beliefs.  If God was a God of love, how could I not talk to my Father who I loved and respected?  At this time,  my ex-Husband was mentally and physically abusing me and the Children.  The Elders in the Church were of no hope, telling me that I had to stay in the marriage.  With Medical help, I was able to leave and go to a Refuge.  This was run by the Uniting Church and I also stayed in the Salvation Army Home while repairs were being carried out at the Refuge.  I received a lot of care and help.  It was hard to believe, because I was taught that the World just used you.  I received no help from the J.W.’s  They expected me to attend their meetings and studies.  As I had no transport, it was not easy to get to them.  Sometimes when I had no money, a Salvation Army Lady who I befriended would arrive at my home with bread and buns.  This was definitely a provision from God because I had told no one of my situation.  Through the Uniting Church, I cleaned the Minister’s home and obtained many employment opportunities.  As my Son suffered from A.D.H.D. and I was finding it difficult to manage him, My Parents suggested that I move closer to them.  After a Year, I decided to move closer to my ex-Husband so that my Children could see their Father more.  Miraculously, I was able to purchase a House and made Friends with a few Christians.  One of my Daughter’s School friends Mother invited us to her Church.  It was such a warm and loving experience.  I’d never experiences anything like this before.  Shortly after, my Father was dying of Cancer.  I knew if I told my Family of my experience, I would not be allowed to be there with my Dad.  After my Father’s death, God told me that it was time to “stop sitting on the fence.”  The time had come to send my resignation to the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses,  What followed was a total disassociation of the Church and my Family.  Losing my Dad was hard enough, but losing my entire Family was devastating.  Around this time, I met my second Husband.  Being in a vulnerable situation he took advantage of me,  Under his stipulation, I put my House in both names.  My Son, being in his teens was giving me a hard time and my Husband failed to provide for me and was also abusing me.  At this time, I confided in a Christian Workmate.  She lovingly listened to me and after a while, she suggested that I go to the Church that she attended.  There I gave my life and was baptized in Jesus name.  I had a Spiritual Family.  Although I lost a lot materially when I walked out of my Marriage, I learn t to trust God for all things.  Due to illness, I had to give up work after being a workaholic.  Although it was hard at first, I was able to find the time to spend with God and to place my security in him

I appreciate she took the time to write it and send it to us. God has a destiny and purpose for us all, there may be times in all our lives that we find hard to understand, but Our Lord and Our Friend can and will always help if we call out to Him. I am blessed now even though my cousin still lives a considerable distance away, electronic messages make her closer. We communicate regularly, now encouraging each other.

God Bless.

O F J.

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