Your Refuge

Yesterday we put up the testimony of a wonderful lady who happens to be my cousin. It was a testimony of real life, set free from the bondage of man’s religion to enjoy the freedom of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord and Friend  Ruth has also written many poems that reflect the wonderful new life, she has entered into with Jesus Christ being her Lord, her Redeemer, and her Friend. So we are sure you will like her poem,
Your Refuge”
Oh Dear, I Jesus I rejoice in you
From all bondage I’ve been freed
You are my refuge, my Tower
My strength in times of need
You’ve set me free from sin and death
No more do I live in fear and dread
Because you sacrificed your life for me
I’m free of the curse that saw me dead
With your mercy you’ve seen me struggle
And you’ve always brought me through
So I could grow to a greater understanding
And an awareness and a sensitivity to you
You’re such an awe inspiring God
When all else has failed in my life
You’ve shown so many miracles
To take away pain and strife
I put my trust in you, Dear Jesus
As you guide me from Day to Day
I know that you have great plans for my life
And for that, Lord I will not delay
 Cousin Ruth, Now A Child Of The King

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