Faith In Action ‘Travailing’


Travailing: Is an old fashioned word meaning work or effort, especially difficult or strenuous.

In the age in which we live, to travail for anything, would seem burdensome  When we truly love someone, we don’t just tell Our Lord  and Our Friend about the person, we should pray {travail}, until that which is needed happens, until the answer comes, until breakthrough.

It is the same for the promises of God in our own lives. as in Hebrews 6 v 15: The patriarch Abraham received a promise from God, but then he travailed for a lifetime in receiving it’s fulfillment.

We too need to endure until that which Our Lord and Our Friend has promised us is completed. Sometimes just hanging in there can be an act of spirit warfare. we must endure in the circumstance until the Character of Christ is formed in us, and we gain that needed place of spiritual authority.

We need the humility to change direction in an instant, if we are shown to be in error, and the tenacity to continue against all odds, for as long as it takes to complete the task that Our Lord and Our Friend has assigned to us. We can and should have ‘Holy stubbornness’ when praying for breakthrough, in our own circumstances, in the lives of our loved one, with the circumstances of our friends, and for our greater communities both church and secular.

Is there a God-inspired dream burning in our hearts? Do not give up. Let Our Lord and Our Friend, have His way in us. Keep our eyes on The King, receive His vision for our lives, give Him our lives and our gifts, and begin and even travail, until we too walk in the vision that He has for all our lives.

God Bless.

O F J.

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