The Scribe ‘Part Two’


Death came to John the Baptist

via King Herod’s evil plot, while

Jesus discerned his own demise soon.

In grief, He asked his disciples,

“Are you able to drink this cup?”

John replied, “Can any of us?”

Jesus wept but had to move on.

A mother’s daughter to revive,

an offering from a widow with

a gift equal to gold, as well as

so many lives to mend.

A last supper with disciples,

a deceit by Judas after Jesus

washed their feet, sharing of

what was to come. Denial by

another when a cockerel crowed.

They knew not, nor believed.

Grief entered with betrayal

in the garden of Gethsemane.

His tears of blood and loss,

alone, He shed in despairing sorrow

towards the torment that lay ahead.

Surrounded by cries of mockery,

rejection, accusations and abuse,

assault, indignity and a judgement

of death, nailed to a cross upon a high hill.

At crucifixion, earth’s light faded fast

in darkness of sun, sky and of moon.

Stars fell, heaven shook, clouds

of great power swirled with thunder.

He arose to Heaven as the ninth

hour struck and ended His pain.

“Why?” were the mourning shrieks

from those below who keened.

But when his tomb was emptied

and a discarded shroud held no body.

His resurrected presence amidst His

awed, beloved followers who

rejoiced and danced in thanksgiving,

only to farewell Him again as He

did depart to His Father in heaven.

So, this son of God has warned us,

to keep watch and wait with faith.

The hour of his return is unknown.

But end times will bring nation

against nation, earthquakes, broken

families through rejection and despair,

of floods and fires, abominations of sin,

in desolation and a destruction

of morality with increased suffering.

So, love the Lord with your whole heart

and heed the warnings of our God.

Watch and wait, watch without ceasing.

Turn not away, trust in his truth.

He will return.

As written by me, Mark,

the Scribe and teller of truth.

As instructed by Jesus

and recorded in,

‘The Gospel of Mark.’

Be Blessed


Copyright of Lorraine Szabo 2014

This was the second part of a two part article by Lorraine, which we split to make two wonderful articles from a great piece from Our dear Lorraine

Be Blessed Today And Everyday,

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