Longing For God


As we wrote in our scripture verse; 2 Chronicles 26 verse 16, about King Uzziah. forgetting what God had given and done for Him. We too at tomes can forget the reason for our being.

How can it be, we think that sometimes the world revolves around us. We were created with a purpose for this world, created to have fellowship and relationship with the God that created us.

Our thinking has been turned against the things that should be natural to us, admiring the awesomeness of Our Lord and Our Friend, and choosing to live in fellowship with Him. Where does one look to have our thinking renewed, to the awesomeness of our creator and what He created us for. Lets turn to The Psalms, because we will always find something in there.

Psalm 42 verse 1: “As a dear longs for the stream of water, so I long for you God”.

The Picture of the parched landscape of earth, and one of God’s creations longing for water for sustenance. Have we in this parched landscape of life, settled for less than the purity of what, Our Lord and Our Friend has for us.

Psalm 42 verse 5: “Why am I so depressed? Why the turmoil within me?”

The same verse answers the question, “Put your hope in God, for I will still praise Him my Savor and my God”.

Perhaps we are not hearing the teaching, could be the way we hear, or could be the entertainment mentality that is often preached, to hold the interest of the congregation. But once we have accepted Him, {John 3 v 16} our longing should be for more of Him, just as a deer longs for the water.

Psalm 107 verse 9: “For He has satisfied the thirsty and filled the hungry with good things”.

Everything that glitters is not gold, but everything we have in Him is Priceless, worth more than things, that just catch our eye in the temporal.

God Bless.


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