The Scribe ‘Part One’



I, Mark, chosen by this man Jesus,

an orator of souls who captured my heart.

I walked in his footprints,

listening and learning in awe,

my former life abandoned.

‘Mark’. He whispered. Be my observer,

a teller of truth, write of this journey,

and of the glory of my Father.

So I did.

One of twelve others and I, lacking in speech,

watched in amazement his healing hands

that restored the mute to speak.

the deaf to hear, the blind eyes

to open and the paralyzed to stand.

Many dust drenched roads we traveled

each day, for miracles to be done.

Under sultry skies and sun of such heat,

often until the midnight moons.

From dawn to dusk did He overcome,

not ceasing to heal with His wisdom to share.

A provision of food as gatherers sat, just

one basket overflowing with fish and bread,

spilling out to feed the mouths of a 5000 flock

and seal their ears with wise words of faith.

To bless doubting generations,

to reach, teach and touch cold hearts,

of God’s acceptance, a message of

hope and unconditional love.

Yet, aside, He withdrew in quiet stillness

to commune with his Father of holiness,

to sink to his knees, to pray and plead.

To beg for strength to fulfill his purpose,

as sent, to pursue his compassion for

all hurting souls, the sick, the crippled

and those lost that He encountered.

He stood in flowing water,

as baptized by John

and God sent a dove

to confirm his love for this son.

Jesus endured a force of evil in the desert

as Satan’s temptations brought Him so low

that angels did lift and raise to strength,

until all battling and weakness was released.

Ending the spiritual ordeal and so, replenished,

He was able to tread under sunsets with hearts

to change and demons to drive out to save souls.

At night, weary, of spirit depleted.

He sought solitary places, arising

In dawn’s dew to convey His ministry

to sinners, the ill and the broken.

For spiritual wine had to be poured

Into new wine skins, parables sown,

even on the Sabbath, or not, to speak.

Whatever it took to seek souls, to preach

out in faith, to continue miracles in great

abundance for God’s light to shine.

Women knelt at his feet, one to be healed

by touching only the hem of his robe.

With honor He felt it and healed, blessing

her female yearns. A lone lady of many partners,

at a well of water did He restore,

“Go and do no more.”

Demons fled from a herd of pigs,

a rejection to a rich young man

to follow the Lord, his wealth

took him back to that.

Beloved children at his knee,

tenderly held in patience

and love with time to spare.

Also, a temple to destroy, selling

goods from the house of God for

ill-gotten gains in total disrespect.


Just a humble carpenter, He wore

torn old sandals and robes but

it was His eyes that did search each soul.

His words captured and fed deep

of shared bread of faith, all absorbed,

that instilled hearts toward Heaven.

Be Blessed


This is part one of a wonderful article by our dear Loraine, be blessed as we will put up part two tomorrow, as it is a long and beautiful article, that needs more than one post to take it all in.

Be Blessed Today and everyday.

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