Faith Of Our Forefathers


Heritage is described as: A Position, possession or privilege that is inherited. One of the most privileged and best things we can glean from our heritage is Faith in A Loving Creator God, Who loved us so much, that He sent part of Himself, His Son to die for us, that we may again come into the heritage that we were created for to walk in fellowship with Him.

A heritage statement of Faith that has been around for many years is: ‘Three in one and One in Three, and the One in the middle He died for me.’

It wasn’t a mistake that Jesus die, He came down off His Throne, out of Love, to pay the price, for the rebellion of original sin of Adam and Eve, A price to restore us with The Three in One.

So lets celebrate the heritage that has been passed down by the faithful, who all came to  accept Christ Jesus, as their Savior and Lord.

Lets celebrate it by a great Hymn, ‘Oh serve the Lord with gladness.’

v1; “Oh serve the Lord with gladness,”

And come before His throne;

He is the great Creator,

And He is God alone;

The heavens declare His glory,

The earth His power display;

while millions without number

To Him glad anthems raise.

V2; “Oh serve the Lord with gladness,”

And glad hosannas bring

To Him, The Sovereign Ruler,

The Universal King;

For ever through the ages

His truth unchanging stands;

Let all the nations fear Him,

And reverence His commands.

V3: “Oh, serve the Lord with gladness,”

His love to all proclaim;

Exalt Him in the highest,

And spread abroad His fame;

All majesty, dominion,

All power and glory, be

To Him who reigns in triumph,

Through all eternity.

Chorus: “Oh serve the Lord with gladness,”

And come before His throne!

He is our great Redeemer,

And He is God alone.

Wonderful hymn, that tells us about The Creator God who loves us. Although faith can be passed down, Salvation not be, it is through the faith of others, we may see this loving God, but acceptance of His love, must come individually. John 3 verse 16: But any ‘whosoever’ can come through Repentance and Acceptance, to Our Loving God’s offer.

God Bless.

O F J.

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